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First Time Skydiving? 5 Things You Should Know

First Time Skydiving

Are you thinking about skydiving for the first time? There are a few things we want you to know before you do…

It’s Cool To Be Nervous

Nervous? Us too!

Skydiving isn’t your normal activity. It’s likely you’re doing this for the first time, and maybe the only time. Heck, we’ve done it thousands of times and we still get butterflies in our stomachs just before we jump from the airplane!

It’s highly likely you’re going to be pretty nervous on the day of your jump, and even more so as you move toward the door of the airplane ready to leap. And that’s totally cool with us! Feel free to chat away nervously to your instructor or sit quietly if you prefer. We’re here to help you feel as comfortable as possible.

If we weren’t scared, that would be a problem. Nerves keep us alert. So relax and let the adrenaline get you through!

It’s Not Our First Rodeo

This might be your first time skydiving. But it’s not ours!

We do this every day, for a living! Our highly experienced team of instructors are all USPA (United States Parachute Association) qualified and have jumped thousands of times.

Chattanooga Skydiving Company was founded by the Silvia family. Mr. Vin Sylvia, the family’s patriarch, made his first jump in 1960 and since then, his passion for the sport has passed through his family. The skydiving instructors and staff at Chattanooga Skydiving Company are some of the best in the industry. Our team members are safety-minded and thoroughly trained in their specific areas of expertise.

Your Safety Is Our Biggest Concern

Our job is to keep you safe on your jump.

We’re not going to lie to you; skydiving is an extreme sport and comes with inherent risks. This ain’t no roller coaster; we’re jumping from 13,000 feet with nothing but material and string to save us!

But our highly experienced instructors, our best-in-class equipment, and our fantastic aircraft mean we’re doing everything we can to negate that risk.

The steps we take to keep you safe aren’t cheap. We invest in the very best of everything. So if you’re thinking of making a jump, remember – cheaper is not better! It’s expensive to skydive, but it’s worth it – and we think you’ll love it!

You’re Not Crazy!

Some people may tell you it’s crazy to go skydiving. Maybe you’re the only person you know who’s up for skydiving. And there’s nothing wrong with that!

Skydiving is a unique experience and it’s not right for everyone. If you’re excited at the thought of jumping from a plane, want to experience what it’s like to fly and are looking forward to doing something different, we’re ready to welcome you! If you’d rather stay home, watch TV and go to bed early, that’s cool too… skydiving is probably not for you!

Get Photos!

Our final point might sound a bit obvious – after all, we sell tandem photograph packages – but seriously, get photos!

Your first skydive is a unique experience, so capture it! Ask us about our photo and video packages.

Ready to go skydiving? Book your first skydiving Tennessee experience with Chattanooga Skydiving Company. We can’t wait to show you just how amazing skydiving is!

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