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Skydiving Video: What You Need to Know

First Time Skydiving

Skydiving is awesome. In fact, we believe it’s the most awesome thing you will ever do!

There literally aren’t the words to describe the experience of jumping from an airplane. That’s why so many people, whether jumping for the first time of the five-hundredth, opt to capture the moment on film.

Are you thinking about adding a skydiving video package to your skydive? Here’s a bit more info to help you make your decision…

What is a skydiving video?

Check out YouTube or Vimeo and you’ll find thousands upon thousands of skydiving videos.

There are all sorts of skydiving videos, from first-time jumpers to complex performances to prize-winning routines to simple, fun jumps between friends. What do these videos have in common? They all offer a glimpse into the incredible experience of skydiving!

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’re a tandem skydiver about to make your first jump. From a tandem skydiving point of view, a skydiving video captures that first time experience so you can share it with your friends and family. We offer various options for tandem skydiving videos, which we’ll explain here.

Reality video – handcam

Our reality video is a pretty unique package in that we’re one of very few drop zones that will film you free of charge. That’s right! For absolutely no fee, you can have a simple video to show your friends and family, filmed by a camera attached to your instructor’s hand (known as a ‘handcam’).

Of course, being a free gift for you, this isn’t our full ‘bells and whistles’ package. But what it does do is give you the opportunity to see what you looked like in freefall and to share that with others via a YouTube link. And believe us, we see some great freefall faces!

If you choose to take us up on the offer of this free video, in return, we’ll ask that we’re allowed to share that video through our own social channels and to promote our services publically. If you don’t want us to do this, you can opt out of being filmed easily on the day.

Outside camera

While the reality video captures your face during the skydive, many of our jumpers choose to have an outside camera to capture everything!

Outside camera means you have a dedicated camera flyer who follows you and jumps with you to film you from a few feet away. This basically is our ‘bells and whistles’ package, in that it captures every part of your jump, from multiple angles!

Your video will include shots of you in the airplane, you exiting the airplane with it flying away in the background, you in freefall with the ground below, and you coming in to land under your parachute. All of this, plus your camera flyer will interview you before and after the jump to capture your reaction! It really is an awesome memento of your experience.

Your instructor will also be wearing their handcam, so the final edited video you receive will include footage from both angles and be shared via our YouTube channel. Our ‘ultimate skydiving video and photos’ package also includes a DVD of the raw footage which you can use to edit your own video, if you like, and photos from your jump.

Handcam vs outside camera

The two option we offer for skydiving videos essentially come down to a choice between just handcam, or handcam plus outside camera.

The great thing about the handcam is that it’s on your instructor’s hand, so it’s right there in the first-person view of what’s happening. It’s also with you under parachute – when the outside camera flyer won’t be able to film you due to being under his/her own chute.

But we think the greatest perspective is that of the outside camera flyer. That’s because they capture the views around your jump as well. Unlike handcam, which only gets your face, the camera flyer will move around you and therefore include shots of you coming out of the airplane, shots of the ground below you and those shots which show just how fast and how far you’re falling.

Can I share my videoman?

Unfortunately no, you can’t share your video flyer. Say you come to jump with one of your friends – it’s not possible for one camera flyer to film both of you at the same time.

That’s because you jump separately to each other. Though we’ll do our best to get you up in the same airplane, when it comes time to jump, one of you will go first, the other second, with a good 10-15 seconds between you.

Plus, having your own personal camera flyer is way better than sharing anyway! You’ll have your own personal momento of your incredible experience to treasure forever.

Why get a skydiving video?

Most people who come and jump with us choose to also have a skydiving video. Why? Because it’s an everlasting souvenir of an incredible experience, something you can watch and watch forever to remember what you achieved and how it felt.

It’s also a great way to share your experience with friends and family. Especially if they’ve sponsored you or contributed to your jump in some way, it’s nice to be able to show them what you did.

Plus, there’s always the social element; wait until you see how many likes you get when you share your skydiving video on your social networks!

Find out more about our video services here, and book your jump today!

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