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It Starts With a Tandem Skydive

First Time Skydiving

…What starts with a tandem skydive?

The rest of your life. Full stop.

Does that statement baffle you? Intrigue you? Send the corners of your mouth swirling into indignant flips? Then lean in, new friend–we’re talkin’ to you. In this article, we’re lookin’ to answer the most common questions about jumping for the first time–and explain what “tandem skydiving” even means to someone brand-new.

1. What is a tandem skydive?

As you’ve likely intuited from images and videos of tandem skydiving, here’s what it is: A student is connected to a tandem skydiving instructor (“T.I.”) via a harness. For this activity, the tandem skydiving instructor is wearing a parachute that is specially designed to support the weight of both jumpers and all the associated gear. The tandem instructor, who is licensed and rated to operate this specialized equipment in all eventualities, deploys the parachute at a given altitude and conducts the pair to a landing on the ground below.

2. What is a tandem skydive not?

Here’s where it gets more interesting. A tandem skydive is not a casual, theme-park-style ride without risk. It’s not an activity from which the tandem student can mentally or physically “check out.” It’s not an activity that only crazy people can enjoy. In fact: It’s not a once-in-a-lifetime bucket list activity, either–many folks follow that first tandem skydive into many years of profoundly satisfying sport jumping–or even an annual-or-so tandem skydive to celebrate landmark occasions.

3. Why is tandem skydiving the single best way to face fear?

We’re pretty darn sure that there is no better way to face off with fear–and emerge victorious–than to perform a tandem skydive. Skydiving, first off, is universally scary. And that’s a good thing! Skydiving’s inherent scariness poses a significant but totally surmountable challenge that you’re able to set up and knock down cleanly over the course of a single, landmark day. How many other life goals are so efficient to check off? Secondly, skydiving’s ratio of scariness to safety is way off, and it’s off in your favor. Would it surprise you to know that making a skydive is safer than driving to work? Check out the statistics. They’ll surely bring a smile.

4. Who should consider a tandem skydive?

A tandem skydive is an ideal choice for anyone who’s ready for their first freefall experience without the necessity to undergo hours of intense training. If you’re within the weight limits and can prove with a photo ID that you’re over the age of 18, you’re good to go!

Before tandem skydiving revolutionized–indeed, created–the sport from its military-cum-stuntperson origins by allowing a massive amount of people to be introduced to it, skydiving was a far more exclusive activity. These days, all that has changed. On today’s dropzones, we see adults of every stripe, race, creed and walk of life come through our doors chattering with nervousness and leaving with the world’s biggest smiles on their faces.

If you’re an adventurous spirit and you’re looking to taste a totally different flavor, you owe it to yourself to give skydiving a try. Reserve yours today!

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