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Blue Skies? What is the best weather for Skydiving?


Jumping from an airplane at very high altitudes is what skydiving is all about. As such, it is considered one of the most extreme sports and depends on the weather. Skydivers get exposed to many different weather conditions in the air. Because of that, the weather can significantly impact skydiving because it can change how skydivers feel and react to certain situations. Take a look at how the weather can affect your skydiving experience and how you can have a fantastic jump regardless of the season. The following is a brief description of the weather and how it may affect your skydiving in the South East. So if you’re coming from the Atlanta Skydiving market, Georgia Skydiving market, Nashville Skydiving market, Knoxville Skydiving market, or The Chattanooga Skydiving market, this information is for you.

Generally, it’s a great time to go skydiving whenever the sun is out. The things that can prevent you from skydiving safely are rain, low clouds, or high gusty winds. When you see a local weather report, you might see % of rain. Well, that might mean all-day rain or, as in the summer, pop-up storms that won’t stop skydiving operations completely but may cause delays.

You might see a primarily cloudy forecast. Distinguishing between high or low clouds is the factor here. 

A windy forecast, or BREEZY, as the weatherman likes to say, can preclude skydiving. Generally, early in the morning or late in the evening, these winds might diminish, but better to reschedule than risk injury with gusty winds. 

Generally, the Chattanooga Skydiving Company will make weather decisions the morning or evening before a scheduled jump… Weather can be tricky, and each region has its own unique weather patterns. Weather can change quickly, so be patient.

The spring season is a beautiful time of year. The weather is warm and sunny, The views are clear and go on forever, the birds are singing, and the flowers are blooming. It’s a great time to go skydiving because it’s an exciting way to experience nature while having fun. While we may have to reschedule due to strong winds or spring showers occasionally, spring is a great time to get involved in skydiving.

Summer is full of fun and happiness; on the other hand, summer brings a slew of challenges, such as heat and humidity. So, if you love to go outside during the summer, you might be thinking about how I can stay cool while enjoying my time outdoors. There are many ways to keep cool during this hot summer, but one of the best ways is by jumping from an airplane! Just be sure to stay hydrated and eat a small snack.

The fall season is a great time to skydive. Great visibility and colors make this one of the best times for skydiving. The weather is usually straightforward, and everyone loves those fantastic stretches of Indian summer weather.

 You can enjoy beautiful sunny days with little humidity and mild temperatures during this time. The fall season is also when most people go on vacation. So it’s the perfect time to go out and jump.

Skydiving in winter is a thrill. However, cold temperatures cause hesitation, especially when jumping altitude is regularly 20-30 degrees cooler. Therefore, protecting yourself from the elements when skydiving in the winter is essential. One way to do this is to wear the proper clothing during a skydive. Skydivers should wear layers of warm clothing to keep their bodies warm during a skydive. The winter season of skydiving is more relaxed compared to other seasons of the year. However, remember that the weather rarely goes according to plan in winter, so you can expect to reschedule as necessary. Nonetheless, you should expect to get some warm winter days to take flight.

We hope you choose The Chattanooga Skydiving Company for your skydiving adventure. We have the best view, the newest, safest airplane, and the most experienced staff. Wherever you decide to skydive, places be safe and enjoy your experience!

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