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Sport Skydiving Near Atlanta


Sport skydivers know that location matters. In fact, your choice of location can be the difference between a good skydive and the greatest skydive of your life!

Atlanta is a great city. Full of history and heritage, it’s got loads going on for locals and, being the capital of Georgia, it attracts its fair share of tourists, too. But busy cities with bustling communities don’t necessarily make for the best skydiving destinations and many sports skydivers are heading further afield to jump, choosing places like Chattanooga – just 1.5 hours from Atlanta – instead.

Here are just a few reasons why Chattanooga is so popular for sport skydiving near Atlanta:

Views to skip points for…

Ever jumped in a place that’s so downright beautiful, you can’t help but breathe ‘wow’ as you jump?

Here at Chattanooga, we have views so great, you’ll be forgiven for forgetting the next point in your skydive!

Leave the city lights behind and you’ll be treated to vistas including the Tennessee River, River Gorge, Seqauthchie Valley, Lookout Mountain, Monteagle, and Nick A Jack Lake. Basque in the peaceful tranquility of a parachute ride untarnished by city sounds, and breathe in fresh air, far away from the big smoke.

Some of the best skydive organizers in the Atlanta area

Once you reach a certain level in skydiving, you want to take your skills to the next level. Jumping with a high class organizer is a great way to do that; they’ll put together great groups and dives that challenge you, and coach you to get the best out of every jump.

Chattanooga is home to some of the best organisers in the Atlanta area. There’s belly organizing and freefly organizing, ranging from smaller beginner groups to larger bigway skydives. Come and join us to see how far you can go!

Jump the fastest skydiving aircraft in the southeast

Skydiving airplanes aren’t renowned for their comfort or design. That old question “why jump out of perfectly good airplanes” can seem misplaced when you see some of the jumpships in operation today!

We’re very proud to have the newest, fastest, safest aircraft anywhere in the southeast. No other skydiving center near Atlanta has the PAC 750, an airplane renowned by experienced jumpers for its speed, comfort and easy exits.

Belly flyers among you will love the extra step – no more scrunched-up-like-a-ball exits for inside center! And for freeflyers, the extra width means you can have more people in the door, making it easier for larger groups to get out together. Plus, the speed of the Pac means you’ll get more jumps in per day – and isn’t something we all want?!

Great facilities for skydivers

One of the main things that attract sport skydivers to Chattanooga from Atlanta is the great facility we’ve built here.

With plenty of space outside of the city, we’ve got a huge landing area with plenty of outs, too. Thanks to the layout of the landing area, we’re able to use right or left-hand patterns depending on the prevailing winds. There’s also a high-performance landing area, giving more experienced swoopers a place to practice and less experienced canopy pilots the peace of mind that high-performance landings won’t be happening around them.

There’s also a rigging loft, where you can get reserve pack jobs and any rigging work you need. Our highly experienced riggers can take on jobs of all sizes, and you’re welcome to stop by or contact us ahead of time to book the work in.

We’ve also got kit sales plus loads of space for RVs should you want to stay over. We really are one of the best equipped drop zones in the Atlanta area.

Let’s make a weekend of it!

If you’re an experienced skydiver in Atlanta, you could drop by one of your local drop zones. Or you could travel a little further and make a weekend of it here in Chattanooga!

As well as awesome skydiving, we’ve got hang gliding, rock climbing, white water rafting, hiking and loads more to keep you and your family and friends entertained.

So what are you waiting for? Venture beyond the boundaries of the city of Atlanta and try Chattanooga for sport skydiving. We can’t wait to welcome you!

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