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Top Reasons To Go Skydiving

First Time Skydiving

If you ask us, skydiving’s the best thing you can possibly do in the world. Period.

But you need more than just our opinion to make you jump from a perfectly good airplane, right?

Here are some of the top reasons people choose to go skydiving:

The rush of your life!

Have you ever done something that’s got your heart beat racing a little bit faster and your palms sweating with the pure excitement of it?

If so, bring that memory to the forefront of your mind… and then multiply it by a thousand! That’s what skydiving’s like!

It’s got to be the most exciting thing you’ll ever do. From the moment you step foot on the airfield, it’s a whole new world. People preparing for their jumps, parachutes coming in to land, the sound of the airplane as it takes off… it’ll all get your senses engaged as you take in all that’s new around you.

Then you’ve got the jump itself. Wow! There just aren’t the words to describe what it feels like, to experience flight in a skydiving airplane, that moment when the door opens, the intense rush of adrenaline as you make your jump out into complete free fall! Even the parachute ride, which some people don’t even think about, is a rush.

It’s a feeling only skydivers know, so come try it for yourself!

A huge achievement

Skydiving’s amazing. But we know it’s not always easy – especially if you’re scared of heights or nervous about jumping or going through some stuff in your life, making that leap can sometimes seem a challenge too far.

But that’s another great thing about our sport. It’s rare that you’ll meet a skydiver who didn’t have some challenge to overcome to make their first jump. Whatever’s potentially holding you back, you can beat it and you can achieve something incredible in doing so.

The most common challenge we find is the fear of it. Some people are scared of heights, others of flying, others purely of the notion of jumping out of an airplane. But with our super friendly team of instructors and the great community we have on the airfield, you’ll be able to put your fears aside and achieve the unthinkable.

There are also plenty of people who come to jump with us because of other things going on in their lives. Perhaps you’re struggling with something very personal, or work is stressing you out. Perhaps it’s something more positive, like a big birthday, and you want to mark the occasion.

The psychology of skydiving means that, when you step out of that airplane door, all your worries disappear and you experience the pure bliss of absolute freedom – something you’ll look back on for years to come with pride.

The most amazing group of people you’ll ever meet

There’s something all skydivers have in common; the complete lack of anything in common, other than a love of skydiving!

Honestly, we’re possibly the most diverse set of human beings you’ve ever come across. People come from so many different walks of life, different backgrounds, different locations, different careers, different ages, all to jump together and do what they love most.

We’ve got people in their twenties jumping with people in their sixties. We’ve got accountants jumping with party planners. We’ve got people who didn’t think they really fit anywhere, who find the community of skydiving to be the most welcoming, most fun community they’ve ever been part of.

And the best thing? It’s not limited to Chattanooga, or even to the US! The skydiving community is global, with people across the world making first time skydives, skydiving for their hobby and even competing in global competitions. It’s an amazing thing to be part of, and something that’ll keep you coming back time and again.

Reasons to skydive in Chattanooga

So hopefully by now, you’re thinking “Yes! I want to skydive!”. And we’d love to be the ones to introduce you to the sky!

Chattanooga, here in southeast Tennessee, is not just a really cool place to hang out, it’s also a beautiful place to view from the sky. Nestled among the Appalachian Mountains, we have what we consider to be the most awe-inspiring views of any skydiving center. Imagine looking down over rolling mountainsides as you plummet at 120mph toward them! There’s really nothing like it.

Then, there are our aircraft. For us, safety is paramount and we’ve got a 15 passenger 2008 model PAC 750 XL (the newest, fastest, and safest skydiving aircraft in the region) and a reliable, 4 passenger Cessna 182 to take you for your jump.

Finally, there’s our team. Some of the most passionate skydivers around, we’re all here to make sure you have the time of your life when you come skydiving with us.

What are you waiting for? Book today to experience skydiving for yourself!

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