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Why Starting Out Tandem Is A Good Idea

First Time Skydiving

We often have first-time jumpers come into Chattanooga Skydiving Company after watching a video of an experienced skydiver whip around the sky and inquire about renting their own gear.

While some student programs in the U.S. will let a person who has never gone skydiving before exit from a plane for the first time with their own gear (alongside two instructors), we highly recommend doing a tandem first.

More Experience

In a tandem jump, novice skydivers are paired with well-trained skydivers who are among the most experienced and have the highest ratings in the industry. Many tandem instructors have done thousands of jumps before, and they’ll help ensure that you not only have a safe and fun experience your first time but also that you’re learning.

Think of your first tandem jump almost as a really fun school orientation. They’ll introduce you to the sport and ask any questions you might have about skydiving.

A tandem jump gives you experience with plane exits, freefall, canopy piloting and landing. You’ll be given advice from an expert who’s literally attached to you every step of the way. It’ll prepare you for what’s next and familiarize you with your equipment.

More Value

In terms of the time and money you’re putting down from the get-go, tandem jumps give first-timers the most bang for their buck.

If you were to skip this part and go straight through to the introductory course –a six-to-eight hour class also known as ground school– you’d put in much for time, money and effort before you even took your first leap from an airplane.

What if, after all that, you decided you didn’t like skydiving enough to pursue the entire student program to get your license? Tandem classes, which usually just include an introductory video and a spiel from your tandem master, take no more than 30 minutes.

More Social

At the end of the day, a tandem skydive is a much more social experience. Not only are you bonding with your tandem instructor the entire time, but inexperienced tandem jumpers can more easily turn their skydiving experience into a group activity.

Your first solo experience requires a significant amount of schooling and focus. First-time solo jumpers tend to be nervous. With a tandem jump, however, you can experience your first skydive worry-free and see if it’s really an activity you want to invest in and pursue long term.

Many people land from their first tandem and immediately want to go back up or sign up for the school. This could be you.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Chattanooga Skydiving Company today to book your tandem skydive.

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