Tandem Skydiving Pictures & Video

Capture Every Thrilling Moment!

Share your incredible tandem skydiving experience with friends and family for years to come with Chattanooga Skydiving Company's professional video services.

Let our professional videographers capture every thrilling moment of your tandem skydive with high quality pictures and video that you can easily upload and share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and any of your other social networks.

View our available skydiving pictures and video packages below.

Check out the Chattanooga Skydiving Company YouTube Channel to see examples of our Reality Video and Ultimate Video packages.

Video Services

Option Cost

Reality Video - Regularly priced at $99

Basic video, filmed from the instructor's perspective, edited and shared through our YouTube channel. FREE!


Reality Photos - regularly priced at $69

Hundreds of pictures shot from the instructor's perspective. Save 40%. Shared to complimentary DVD, Your storage device, or upload from our server.


Utlimate Video and Photos

You're The Star! Filmed And Photographed from both the instructor's and an outside camera flyer's perspective. Edited and shared through our YouTube Channel. Includes deluxe edit or raw footage DVD suitable for editing, and still photo DVD from 2 camera angles.


Deluxe Editing And Still Photos

Add These sevices to your FREE REALITY Video. You get a copy, Youtube upload, ground and aircraft footage, choice of music from our music list and still photos shot from the instructors perspective.


Deluxe Editing Service - Custom Edit With Contemporary Music

Add this to your reality video. Includes ground and aircraft interviews, choice of two songs from our contemporary music library, or bring two songs in MP4 format, edited to a complimentary DVD, your storage device, or upload from our server.


Free video offer shared directly through out YOUTUBE Chanell. Please OPT OUT of free video offer as your image and name will be displayed on our YOUTUBE Chanel. All video and images remain the sole property of the Chattanooga Skydiving Company .