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Tandem Skydiving: What To Know Before You Go!

First Time Skydiving

Tandem Skydiving: What To Know Before You Go!

If you’re thinking of booking a tandem skydive, here are a few tips to help maximize your experience!

1. Ensure the skydive center is a member of the United States Parachutist Association (USPA).

The USPA is the governing body of skydiving in the United States and sets the recommendations for safety and instruction that all of its members must adhere to. It is not a requirement that any skydive center be a member, which means they are not required to adhere to these safety standards. As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to skydive with a USPA member Drop Zone.

2. Be Sure To Call an Actual Skydive Center!

Buyer beware! Unfortunately, there are many fake skydiving websites in nearly every city around the US that look real, but actually aren’t. These websites look legitimate and even have local numbers, but you’ll never find a physical address for them on their website. The reason is because they aren’t a real skydiving center. You’ll also notice that you cannot make an actual online reservation. Instead, you’ll have to call the number listed where you will speak with a representative in a call center who will charge you more and send you to a different skydive center altogether (usually a long drive away). It’s a shady scam that the skydiving industry has been fighting for years.

3. Book Early!

The earlier you book, the better! Booking early is the most preferred time to skydive because the weather is usually best in the mornings – especially during the summer and autumn months.

4. Know Your Jump Altitude

When calling a skydiving center, be sure to verify what altitude you’ll be jumping from. Many skydiving centers can be vague about this by saying they jump ‘up to’ a specific altitude, (usually up to 10,000 feet), but let you out at a lower altitude to save money. Chattanooga Skydiving offers different altitude packages including a high altitude jump from 18,000 feet! The longer the free fall the better!

5. Weight Restrictions

All skydiving centers have varying weight restrictions based on the tandem manufacturer’s restrictions. The most common weight restriction is 220 lbs (this is our weight restriction), so keep that in mind before making your skydive.

6. Age Restrictions

The United States Parachutist Association mandates that anyone who participates in skydiving must be at least 18 years of age.

7. Be in Good Physical Shape

In skydiving, you have a role on the skydive as well! We won’t just be falling from an airplane. You should be able to kneel, bend, stoop, and have full range of motion in your extremities.

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