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The Truth Behind Why People Skydive


If you’re thinking about making a skydive for the first time, you already know that you’re in for a fun ride. That goes without saying! You might, however, not know exactly why it’s such a uniquely enjoyable activity. Beyond freefall, what is there to love? Why are you going to fall for skydiving as figuratively as you will literally? Here are some totally true-but unconventional-answers.

1. Because It’s Scary.

I know what you’re thinking: What?! Being scared isn’t fun!

Bear with me, here. In this particular way, being scared is fun. The actual word for this has to do with a phenomenon called “autotelia”-which, according to a prominent cognitive theorist with a very unpronounceable name-is a different kind of fun that’s still entirely valid. In a nutshell, autotelia is the kind of fun you’re having when you’re doing something that’s a challenge but has a long list of long-run benefits. The idea of autotelia ties in with the concept of flow, the state of mind you experience when you’re one hundred percent engaged in the task at hand.

Skydiving is pretty much the most autotelic, flow-state experience we’ve ever had, and the nervous energy you’re likely to experience is a big part of the power that drives it. So: Embrace the butterflies! You’ll be smiling from ear to ear for days.

2. Because Of The New Perspective.

We’re not just talking about the fourteen-thousand-feet-above-the-ground thing (though there really is nothing quite like seeing our beloved Tennessee River from the air). We’re talking about the sense of accomplishment you’ll experience after you do your jump.

That sense of accomplishment will affect your life afterward in ways you can hardly foresee-believe us; we see it all the time! First-time skydivers report being more motivated, more confident, more focused and more generally joyful in their daily lives after making a jump, and we’re pretty sure that’s the case because jumping out of a plane gives you an attitude adjustment like no other.

3. Because Of The People.

The folks who work with us are incredibly accomplished athletes, but they’re also fun, well-rounded, delightful people who care enormously about the people with whom they share a plane (and, in some cases, a parachute).

But it’s not just the staff you’re gonna love. We’re head-over-heels for our skydiving community at large at the Chattanooga Skydiving Company, and you will be too. Perhaps it’s skydivers’ playful unconventionalism. It might be the sense of inclusiveness. The bubbling optimism certainly plays a part. At any rate: it’s not uncommon to meet people at the dropzone with whom you become friends for life.

So, why do people skydive? The simple fact of the matter is this: skydiving is the most fun you can have with your clothes on, and it’s about more than freefall. And once you’ve made your first jump, we’d love to hear what you swooned over. We’ll add it to our collective love letter!

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