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Our Mission

Our mission at Chattanooga Skydiving Company is to provide a safe and quality skydiving experience for all of our customers. This includes customers who are experiencing the thrill of skydiving for the very first time through our first time skydiving services, students who are learning to skydive on their own through our educational programs, and licensed skydivers making unsupervised jumps.

Meet Our Owners

The Chattanooga Skydiving Company is owned and actively operated by the Silvia family. Mr. and Mrs. Justin P and Diane Silvia, Mr. Joseph P Silvia, and Mr. Paul J. Silvia.

The Silvia family has a long established record of skydiving tradition. This tradition dates back to 1960, when Mr. Vin Silvia, the family's patriarch, made his first sport parachute jump at Orange, Massachusetts. Times have changed significantly in the sport, but our passion continues today and we pour this passion into our business so that many can experience this passion.

Why Chattanooga Skydiving Company?

We feel strongly that the 50 year old tradition of our company combined with our passion for the sport and focus on quality and safety is what has made Chattanooga Skydiving Company a favorite adventure destination for thousands of annual customers. Our community comprises of customers driving from as far as 3 hours away, bypassing our 'competition' with the desire for a premier experience at a competitive price. We are proud to serve guests from Atlanta, Nashville, Knoxville, Birmingham, Huntsville and everywhere in between. We love skydiving in TN and hope you'll join us in the sky soon!

Once you jump with us, you are part of our family!

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