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The Rewards of Skydiving


The Rewards of Skydiving

Too often skydiving only appears in the media when something wrong happens. It’s an unfortunate reality as there are over 3 million skydives made in the United States each year. What you don’t hear about are the amazing stories.

Skydiving gives so much and here’s why we love it:


There are few other sports in the world that have such a diverse community as skydiving. It’s possible for truck drivers and bank executives to jump with each other all day and then enjoy a beer together at the end of the day. In other circles these blue collar and white collar jobs wouldn’t necessarily intersect, but in skydiving it happens every day at ever drop zone around the world. Once we’re in our jumpsuits, we’re all the same.

Stress Relief

Nearly all skydivers will agree… skydiving is a major stress reliever. It seems strange that jumping from an airplane could reduce stress, but it truly does. Whatever your problems are in life, none of it matters on a skydive. You are literally living IN THE MOMENT for the duration of the skydive. That brief respite from the challenges of life makes the sport addictive.


Chemically, the body releases endorphins following the extreme rush of a skydive…. endorphins tend to make people very happy… call it a natural high! Walk around a busy drop zone and you can feel the energy in the air… people love jumping from planes!


Skydiving gives us a better perspective on life. Imagine soaring under parachute at sunset… you quickly realize just how lucky we are. Life is good!

Fun & Friends

Few things are more fun than jumping with friends. The camaraderie that is built after a day full of jumping and then having a beer together develops friendships that often last a lifetime. Few things can be more fun than jumping!

Before you think skydiving is ‘crazy’ we invite you to come down to the drop zone and have a visit. We’d love to show you around meet some skydivers and watch just how much fun they’re having!

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