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What Height Do You Skydive From?

First Time Skydiving

Skydiving altitude affects how long your skydive lasts and can significantly change the experience you have.

One of the most common questions we’re asked is what height do you skydive from? Here at Chattanooga, we offer three altitude options:

  • Basic: 10,000 feet
  • Extreme: 14,000 feet
  • Highest in the South: 18,000 feet

We’re also asked how long does skydiving last? That’s also determined by the exit altitude choice you make. Here, we’ll explain what you can expect at the different heights to help you choose the one that’s best for you.

Basic Skydiving Altitude: 10,000 feet

Our basic skydive option has an exit altitude of 10,000 feet. This is the average altitude for skydiving here in the US and common to most Cessna aircraft dropzones.

This means you will skydive from 10,000 feet above ground level. At this height, your skydive will last 30 seconds – that’s how long you’ll be in freefall. You’ll then have a few minutes under parachute as you make your way to the ground.

For many people, 30 seconds is enough time to get a taste for freefall and start to relax into it. Our basic skydive option is available as part of our Summer of Sharks special and includes a free video package for $159.00. Only available Monday to Friday.

Extreme Skydiving Altitude: 14,000 feet

Our extreme skydive option has an exit altitude of 14,000 feet.

When you jump from 14,000 above ground level, you’ll be in freefall for around 60 seconds. You’ll then be under your parachute for the same amount of time you would from any altitude because your deployment height is always the same.

This means you get a full minute to experience the sensation of flying through the air. This altitude is becoming more common across the US, especially when experienced skydivers are training for competitions as more time in freefall means more time to practice.

60 seconds is a really good amount of time to start to take in everything around you. We’re often overcome as we leave the door by what’s called ‘sensory overload’, but with a whole minute to take it in, you’ll find you relax much more.

The Highest Daily Jump in the South: 18,000 feet

Chattanooga Skydiving Center is proud to offer the highest daily jump in the south. At an exit altitude of 18,000 feet, this is the highest altitude you can jump from in the US.

At a skydiving altitude of 18,000 feet, skydiving lasts for 2 minutes – that’s how long you’ll be in freefall. You’ll then be under the parachute for a few minutes as you come in to land.

A jump from 18,000 feet is especially is exciting because you’ll be so high, you need oxygen in the plane. This is because we’re going above the height where air pressure changes to a level where you can’t get enough oxygen by breathing naturally.

You’ll be given an oxygen supply, as will everyone on the plane, as we travel to the exit altitude. With 2 minutes in freefall, you’ll have more than enough time to relax into the freefall and enjoy the views around you and the experience of flight.

It’s always worth checking with the drop zone what height they skydive from. Anything below 10,000 feet really doesn’t give you the time to enjoy the experience fully. The higher you go, the more time you’ll have in freefall.

If you’ve got any questions about skydiving Tennessee with Chattanooga Skydiving Company (at any altitude), get in touch and we’ll be happy to help, or book your skydive with us today.

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