Things To Do Chattanooga: Outdoors

Things To Do Chattanooga: Outdoors

Published: September 9, 2015

Things To Do Chattanooga - The Outdoors

Thinking of coming to Chattanooga and looking for something to do? We've got you covered! We host skydiving guests from all over the country

and the world and they have told us their favorite outdoor activities when visiting the region. Hare are the must do things when visiting Chattanooga (aside from Chattanooga Skydiving of course).

1. Lookout Mountain

Lovers of nature and the outdoors must visit Lookout Mountain. The mountain ridge is a massive expanse that runs from the northwest corner of Georgia, northeast

corner of Alabama and along the southern border of Tennessee and minutes from Chattanooga. The views from Lookout Mountain are spectacular with the Chattanooga

side offering three major attractions: Ruby Falls, Rock City and the Incline Railway.

Ruby Falls - Ruby Falls is an extraordinary place. Listed as one of the Ten Most Incredible Waterfalls on Earth, it's the deepest commercial cave

in the United States that also boasts the largest underground waterfall. Local tip: try to experience one of the weekly lantern tours.

Rock City - 1700 feet above sea level, Rock City boasts beautiful views, a 100-foot waterfall and has the 200 foot Swing-A-Long bridge. Local tip: Take the self-guided

tour and see spectacular views of the world below!

Incline Railway - Ride "America's Most Amazing Mile" The Incline Railway is the steepest passenger railway in the world. The Railway has been operational since 1895

and is a Mechanical Engineering Landmark. Local Tip: well worth the trip to see this engineering marvel!

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2. Raccoon Mountain Caverns

Located just ten minutes from Chattanooga, the Raccoon Mountain Caverns offer an extraordinary display of thousands of formations that include rare shield formations, stalagties and stalagmites, flowstone, brimstone pools, columns, natural bridges and much more. Spelunking expeditions (our favorite) are available for adventurists wishing to depart the path most traveled and to see parts of the cave that most people never see.

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3. Audubon Acres and Maclellan Island

Audoban Acres is a wildlife sanctuary established in 1944 by the famous naturalist, Robert Sparks Walker. Walker believed that it was important

to educate people on the ways of nature and was an environmentalist long before we began speaking of protecting the environment. The property

has multiple sanctuaries that include the Trail of Tears, Birds and Wildlife, Audoban Island, Audoban Mountain and the Mackey Branch Wetland.

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4. North Chickamauga Creek

The North Chicamauga Creek is a beautiful body of water and is more secluded than your typical nature site in Chattanooga. A perfect place to visit if seeking a secluded bank with a picnic. Also the hiking trails are beautiful and can be done in either half day or full day hikes! A local favorite and worth the visit!

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5. Reflection Riding Arboretum & Nature Center

The Reflection Riding Arboretum & Nature Center has over 300 acres of beautiful hiking trails through the wilderness offering opportunities

to see amazing wildlife like red wolves and bald eagles! Perfect if you're looking for a vigorous hike or for kids as you are able to drive through the park as well.

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